Have you ever wondered if you have the “IT” factor for Real Estate?  It seems that some people are natural Real Estate agents and for others, well, it just seems to take more work.  In working as Real Estate Virtual Assistants, we have the opportunity to work with all different kinds of personalities; which can make our job much more exciting!  If we were working with the same personality type day in and day out, our job would be more predictable and probably less of a “stay on your toes” experience.

No matter what your personality- whether introverted, extroverted, high maintenance, low maintenance or no maintenance; it seems there are a few key factors for finding success in the Real Estate industry.  A large scale study, recently put out by the Guardian Life Small Business Research Institute, pointed out six personality traits that successful small business owners are known to have.  We happen to think that these line up with what we see as trends in successful Real Estate agents as well!

Take a look at the following six personality traits and see if you have what it takes to find success as a Real Estate agent!

1. Collaborative- Micromanaging every detail in your Real Estate business will not only be time intensive for you, it will also smother anyone that you work with, whether in your brokerage office or the people that work for you.  It may seem counter productive at first; but you’ll find that delegating work, forming relationships with co-workers and even other Real Estate agents in the area will provide for new opportunities that will keep everyone motivated.

2. Curious- A great Real Estate agent will constantly be finding ways to improve their business and marketing endeavors.  They will not settle for what has always worked, but will be curious about what’s out there that’s new and innovative in order to keep moving forward.

3. Future Focused- Being able to look at the big picture and what’s coming down the road is a key trait.  This will pay off in financial planning as well as creating long term business plans.

4. Self-Fulfilled- Feeling in control and free to make their own decisions is another key aspect of great Real Estate agents. They are not concerned with following the crowd and are not overly influenced by what others think.  They find fulfillment in their own work and their ability to be their own person.

5. Tech-Savvy- Keeping up with the latest technology is something that a top Real Estate agent will value highly.  They understand that online marketing and social media interaction is where the Real Estate world is heading and are up for keeping up with cutting edge technology!  Now, we understand that being tech-savvy is not something that every agent can claim; which is where a Real Estate Virtual Assistant can step in!  Feel free to refer to #1, and delegate the online marketing and social media to someone  who can handle the technological side of your business.

6. Action Oriented- This is one of the top personality traits of a successful Real Estate agent!  Being motivated to work hard, overcome adversity and take action will lead to a successful Real Estate business!  Our clients come to us ready to take action, and we’ see the positive results on a daily basis.  They don’t give excuses about the current economy and its effect on the Real Estate market, but have committed themselves to finding ways to work around it to continue to succeed.  And we’re happy to be a part of their success!

After reading through these six personality traits of successful Real Estate agents, we hope you’ve had a chance to evaluate where you’re at and, maybe some areas in which to improve!

We’d love to help you in any way we can and for you to join our clients who have found success in their Real Estate business!

Carrie Gable and the team at RealSupport, Inc. are our “VA Quick Tip” columnists offering expertise in real estate marketing, technology and more. RealSupport’s office and team of 9 full-time staff members is located near Chicago, IL. Their successful team works virtually for many top real estate agents and brokers nationwide. Pioneers in the Real Estate Virtual Assistant industry, RealSupport offers marketing, branding, website and logo design, listing marketing, lead generation, technical support, transaction management, social networking, blogging and much more… Just ask!

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