One Thing...For most sales professionals, converting online leads is the bane of their Internet world.  Online consumers just don’t behave anything like those you meet face-to-face or on-the-phone.  Now imagine if there was just one thing you could do that would suddenly convert cold online inquiries into serious clients.

Small Steps to Solve Big Problems

In their new book: “Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard” authors Dan & Chip Heath explore how big problems don’t always require big solutions or worse, big changes in behavior.  Big problems can often be solved by leveraging just one simple, small change in behavior.  For example, real estate companies and their agents have been struggling with how to boost online lead conversion since the inception of the commercial Internet.  They often approach this with massive training programs and/or constantly introducing even more complicated strategies (like social networking) when agents haven’t even mastered the basics of speaking the language of online consumers.

If companies and agents would use just one thing consistently, they would see their online lead conversions soar.  That one thing is what I call the Critical First Response Email script.  This is an email script engineered to be used specifically as the first response to online inquiries.  I crafted this script and have been teaching it since the 1990’s and always receive email from incredulous agents who are astounded at how well it works.  Here’s one that I just received a few days ago:

Last week I had used the email lead response script that was provided in the course.  I had been going back and forth with the prospect and finally met to show her the rental property this week.  Very nice, professional gal and we hit off very well.

She thanked me profusely for my quick replies to her emails AND said, the first email I sent to her was the reason why she trusted me!!!  It was non-threatening and she felt I totally understood where she was coming from making an internet inquiry.  It was EXACTLY as you and Michael said!!!   Amazing…

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Just One Thing…

Remember the movie “City Slickers”?  Billy Crystal’s character asks “Curly” the trail boss (played with dead-eye aplomb by Jack Palance) “What’s the secret to life?”  And Curly responds by holding up his finger and says “Just one thing…”  Well, I don’t know about the secret to life, but I sure as hell know the secret to boosting online lead conversions and it’s just one thing —consistently using the Critical First Response Script for every initial inquiry that comes your way via the Net.

Here’s Where You Find It

If you’ve read this far then you deserve to have access to this incredibly powerful, yet simple tool.  Just go to and click on the “Cool Tools” tab at the top (you will need to be a fan of Online Dominance to get access to this tab’s contents.)  You will be able to immediately download this script right from there.

Remember, big problems can often be solved by very small changes in behavior.  Here’s your chance to find out just how powerful this thinking really is…